Crane Service Available

For custom tiki bars with custom installation, we offer crane service. We can get your bar where it needs to go no matter what the obstacles or heights.

Second Story Decks

Our Crane Service can help get your custom built tiki bar to your second or third level decks. It can be difficult to get well-made furniture for your upper levels but without custom tiki bars paired without crane service, your oasis is only a few hoists away.

Commercial Bars

Commercial bars and spaces can be cumbersome to bring in large pieces if not built with the new construction, but without crane service paired without unmatched custom tiki bars, you’ll be serving your customers in no time.

Rough Terrain

Sometimes the obstacles we face when installing our custom tiki bars is terrain. Mother earth can sometimes put large rocks or deep gullies in the way of getting your custom tiki bar in its perfect place, but without crane service, we will have no problem delivering your custom tiki bar.