The Lobster Loft Tiki Bar

Lobster Loft Tiki Bar

The Lobster Loft Tiki Bar is the perfect bar for your home or commercial oasis. Perfect for outdoor backyard entertaining. Enjoy a peaceful afternoon with your friends and family with one of these top-quality Lobster Loft Tiki Bars or Tiki Huts. Be sure to stock up on butter!

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The Lobster Loft Tiki Bar Features:


Custom Tiki Bar Options Available

Turn your backyard or business into a tropical paradise that can quickly become a favorite gathering place for friends, family, and guests. With Tiki Huts and Tiki Bars in any size, color stain, shape or dimension to meet the needs of all of our residential and commercial clients, we have the perfect Tiki Hut or Tiki Bar for you! See all out custom tiki bar options.