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Artificial palm trees are created with distinctive and natural looking silk palm tree materials, making for authentic and decorative replications of the real things. Our specialized leaf patterns on the palm trees base add an impressive and spectacular look for any backyard landscape. We will handcraft the perfect palm tree to fit your backyard style.

Historically, palm trees have symbolized victory, peace, and fertility. Today they are often associated with tropical locales and warm climates, vacations and relaxing on the beach. Palm trees are the quintessential image of relaxation, vacations, and elegance. From these associations, artificial Palm trees can elicit feelings of calm and relaxation in a variety of settings, providing balance to our fast-paced and busy lives.

Palm Trees come in both straight and curved so you can choose what looks most natural or what complements your space best. Palm trees range from 12 feet tall to up to 46 feet. The palm branches, or palm head, for a 12 foot to 14 foot palm tree is 9 feet. The palm branches for 16 foot to 46 foot is 12 feet.